Trenutno aktuelne pozicije u oblasti stručnog usavršavanja. 

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Hyatt Regency Green Bay WI. Position: Food and Beverage & Front Desk. ​Wage: $10/hour, 40 hours per week.
Curtis Hotel Buffalo NY. Position: Food and Beverage & Culinary; Requirement: Bachelor degree and 1+ years of experience.
Marriott St. Louis. Position:  F&B back of the house.  Must have previous experience in food and beverage in a supervisor position. It’s a supervisory position managing employees.
The Chiles Restaurant Group, Florida. Position: Prep/Cook.
THMP hotels, Virginia. Position: F&B.
Wintergreen Pacific LLC, dba Wintergreen Resort, Virginia. Position: Front Desk, F&B, rotation  will go through banquets, housekeeping…
The Governor’s Inn, New Hampshire. Position: Culinary Arts Rotation.
Cliff house, Maine. Position: Culinary. 1 year restaurant experience.
Hyatt Regency, St. Louis. Position:F&B & Front Desk. 1 year of working experience, advanced English and degree obtained outside the US.
Omni Mount Washington Resort, NH. Position:F&B & Front Desk. Wage: $10/hour, 40 hours per week for non-tip positions. Minimum 6 months experience required in Hotel or Restaurant business.
Hyatt Green Bay Wisconsin. Position: Front Desk. Wage: $10/hour, 40 hours per week for non-tip positions.
Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina, SC. Position: Front Desk/Rooms Division. Wage: $9/hour. If you have studied Hospitality Management or have 3+ years of working experience in Hotel or both.
Omni Hotel Fort Worth Texas. Position: F&B & Front Desk & Culinary, $8-10/hour.
Et Voila, Washington DC. Position: Culinary. Wage: starting $12 and other great benefits. Experience.
Chateau on the Lake Resort, Missouri. Position: F&B & Front Desk. Wage: $1200-1600 per month, housing assisted.
Drury Inn & Suites San Antonio, TX. Position: Front Desk. Wage: $8/hour.
Hotel Galvez + Tremont House, TX. Educational background and 1+ year of working experience.
Curtiss hotel, Buffalo NY. Position: F&B & Front Desk. Wage: $10+ an hour, 40 hours per week. Previous experience of working in brand chain hotel is required.


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Vertex, Austin TX. Positions: Software developers, Digital marketing specialist Network administration skills. Wage: starting at $10/40 hours per week.
TEMPLE House Studies, Miami. Position: IT/Design specialist with experience in WordPress design. Wage: starting at $9/40 hours per week.
Voga Media, Florida. Position: graphic designer. Wage: $10+.
Evans Data, Santa Cruz CA. Position: designers and project manager. Knowledge of WordPress, HTML, CSS and PHP.
n2pub, Wilmington, NC. Position: Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Specialist. Wage: $16/hour. Bachelor’s Degree, Experience in data warehouse architecture/development (ETL, ODS, Cubes, Business Analytics/reporting, T SQL.
Dog and Rooster, Inc, San Diego CA. Position: Web design.
MiamiMarketingCo. Position: Graphic designer. Wage: $9/hour. San Francisco, CA. Position: IT programmer. Wage: $20+/hour. Programming, JAVA….
RobotLAB, Walnut Creek, CA. Position: IT and Social Marketing. Web developer – HTML, JS, CSS, jQuery are a must.


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Architech, Tampa FL. Position: Search Engine Marketing, Campaign Manager. Extensive knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
Cross Roads Centers, Kenner, LA. Position: Marketing/website optimization/social media. Wage: $8/hour.
Formula, LLC, St. Louis MO. Position: Social and Digital Media. Wage: starting $8/hour. Experience in Social Media and Digital Media Analysis.
Miami SEO Company. Position: SEO and PPC marketing. Wage: $12/hour. Experience in internet marketing.
Accessory Power, CA. Position: Marketing. 3 years of experience, social media, IT savvy.


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Shipco Transport, Chatham, NJ. Position: Logistics. Wage: $10/hour, 40 hours. Experience in Airfreight logistics.
Global Logistical Connections. Position: Accounting.

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